10 Tricks Women Can Use to Instantly Solve The Most Awkward Situations

Are you one of those women who like to be spotless and look careless at the same time? 

If you don’t have a place for panic while everyday situations are in the way between you and t=your carelessness – use these few useful tips. 

If you run out of hair spray in the middle of a hair style, just put it under running hot water and it will “squeeze” what’s left of it inside. 

After flawlessly finishing your manicure by yourself, your hands are like an art student’s. don’t worry. Just wash them with a regular nail cleanser – but be sure it contains NO acetone. 

Forget about sticky skirts – use a deodorant! It’s active compound which prevents sweating, also prevents electro static, which is to blame for your sticky skirts 

If you’re wearing make up in the middle of a very hot summer day, your T zone and the bottom of your eyes might be the first to cause problems in your flawlessness. Just spray some deodorant to prevent this, but be careful around the eyes though! 

Before going out somewhere for a visit, and you know your smelly and sweaty feet can be problematic, just put some baking soda directly inside your shoes. It will absorb both- the odor and the sweat. Just make sure you wear white socks… 

If you’re just wearing your new shoes, and you’re attending a wedding, celebration or a restaurant with fancy tiles on the floor, you might have a problem slipping on them. Just add some hot glue underneath your shoes to prevent this, but make sure you add an even portion on both sides, so you feel comfortable while walking. 

If you just came from training and have dinner arrangements, but no time to wash your hair – just comb it backwards and do a tight bun, sticking it with hair moose. 

Always wear shapewear when wearing white pants, tight skirts and other clothes that show off your panties. 

Lemon has an active compound against bacteria – that’s why it’s a must when you are ill or caught the flu. Also, it is a trick for removing odor from the stinky pits, when you have nothing else! 

Never clean your face thoroughly with a towel after washing, especially if you take a cold shower. You put back all the bacteria your face pores opened up to “throw “ away. Just let the face dry on itself and your skin will look much more beautiful. 

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