12 Nastiest Things Girls Secretly Do When They’re Together

Girls look stylish and beautiful on the outside, but when girls are together, some of them probably do some nastiest things that many would be surprised to know. Because the relationship between women is much different than the relationship between men.

When these girls get together they come out secretly with some of their nastiest habits. Have a look!

1. Sharing Bathroom Stalls

When girls go out together, they generally go to the washroom in groups and in fact, they will secretly share the bathroom stall with their female friends, while one is relieving herself the other will stand, watch and wait, rather than stand outside. Guys can never wait and watch their buddies relieving themselves, but for girls, this comes naturally to them.

2. Helping down under

Behind closed doors, they are not ashamed to secretly check out each other’s lower private parts and help out in alleviating, a mysterious mole that has come up, or if a tampon is lodged inside her best friend.

3. Smell Check

A girl will never let her friend go out smelling gross, she will smell check her friend, by blowing in each other’s faces and smell each other’s armpits, to determine whether they need to apply more deodorant, before venturing out.

4. Pass Gas

The nastiest act by a girl is when she secretly has to run and go through some uncomfortable situations to pass gas, but when girls are together, they just go blasting it out in front of each other, which is fun and normal for them. Sometimes they have a competition to see whose gas smells bad and loud.

5. Sharing Personal Items

If a girl forgets her toiletries at home, then she doesn’t hesitate to use her friend’s toothbrush or using her perfume. They share everything with each other from spoon to glasses as they feel it’s not harmful at all, using their best friends things.

6. Graphic Details

When they are together they secretly enjoy sharing details about their love lives and personal lives, behind closed doors. They will share some very embarrassing sexcapades stories, that will make anyone cringe.

7. Popping Zits

Secretly behind closed doors they spend a lot of time decking up each other with makeup and styling their hair. They just wish to see their friends look beautiful before going out and if they see a zit on their friend’s face or a pimple on their back, they will just jump to remove it at any cost.

8. Comparing Boobs

One of the nastiest things girls do, by removing their bras and panties secretly behind closed doors when they’re together. A lot of comparison with each other’s boobs goes on when they are together. They will dig, push and examine each other’s bodies and show off their nipples size as doing this is very natural to them.

9. Plucking

Secretly behind closed doors girl’s love to pluck their friend’s stray hairs off their bodies, and you will find all girls carrying tweezers in their purse. Suddenly somewhere if they spot a stray hair sprouting, out come those tweezers and instant plucking starts off, this act is considered a sign of love between friends.

10. Examine Poop

A very nastiest act which girls do when they are having a poop issue, they secretly call a best friend to check out and take her views, is a very common thing between girls. Well, girls don’t intend or enjoy watching their best friend’s poop, but in a case of emergency, they are always ready to help out in examining, just to make sure the poop is normal and nothing serious.

11. Talking Dirty

One of the nastiest habits girls have when they are together is to talk dirty to each other, but lovingly. They often use words like slut and bitch as an adorable term to each other. These words are used teasingly to playfully bug one another.

12. Menstruation Stories

We all know they menstruate, but not the details, and it’s one of the nastiest things, which these girls secretly share when they’re together, the horror stories and graphic details about their periods. It’s just a very natural topic among girls to get more details, opinions, advice from each other.

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