Do This For Just 6 Minutes Every Day – Here’s What Happens To Belly Fat

First of all, let’s get one thing straight. Many people confuse the term “core” and “abs”, even though those terms are quite different. The core is a larger term and covers your abs, your glutes (butt), hips, and your lower back muscles. On the other hand your abs, well they’re just abs.

If you have some excess fat on your belly, you probably know how challenging it is to lose. It is a tricky problem, but a fixable one.

Additionally, training your core improves the body posture, prevent injuries, and relieves lower back pain.

Follow these exercises, for just 6 minutes every day, and lose belly fat in 3 days:

  • Day 1

The first plan of your program involves 3 exercises, and you will need only 5 minutes to do them. Do 2 sessions if your stamina allows you to.

  • Exercise 1: Skyscrapers – 10 per side
  • Exercise 2: Windshield Wipers – 10 per side
  • Exercise 3: Army Crawls – 36 steps

Day 2

The plan for the second day includes 4 exercises, and you will also take just 5 minutes of your time. Repeat the set once more, for an extra boost.

  • Exercise 1: Breakdancer – 15 per side
  • Exercise 2: Skydiver – Hold your body in this position for 30 seconds
  • Exercise 3: Dead Bug – 10 repetitions
  • Exercise 4: Thread the Needle – 10 per side

Day 3

On the third day, you will need to perform 4 more advanced core exercises, in a fast 6 minute circuit.

  • Exercise 1: Crab kicks into Superman – 6 per side
  • Exercise 2: Star leg raise – 10 per side
  • Exercise 3: Side V-ups – 10 per side
  • Exercise 4: Over/under – 10 per side

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