Cold Causes Pain and Ringing in the Ears

Cold weather during winter can lead to physical changes in the ear, causing pain, ringing, and other complaints in some cases. Extremely low temperatures can cause hardening of earwax, leading to blockages that result in headaches, reduced hearing, and infections. People who wear hearing aids are at a higher risk of hardened earwax since the ear produces more wax when there is a “foreign object” in it.

Pain in the inner ears can also be felt if there is a cold, piercing wind. The reason is the reduced blood circulation in the ears. In cold weather, the body prioritizes maintaining normal body temperature in internal organs, leading to weaker blood circulation in the extremities. This can result in a ringing sensation in the ears.

In winter, colds become more common. Since the nose, throat, and ears are interconnected, infections often spread to the ears. As a result, pain and blockage in the inner ears may be experienced. In such cases, it is advisable to consult a doctor to ensure that the inner ear is not affected.

One of the main causes of hearing loss in cold weather is a condition known as exostosis, where bone forms in the ear canal. It can hinder sound reception and the ear’s ability to produce and expel earwax. The condition is most commonly found in surfers due to their frequent exposure to cold water. Constant exposure of the ears to cold temperatures increases the risk of developing exostosis. Therefore, winter sports enthusiasts should also be cautious.

Proper protection of the ears during winter can prevent problems. It is strongly recommended to wear hats, scarves, and ear muffs in cold months. It should be noted that while covering the ears from the outside protects them from the cold, placing objects inside is not safe and effective. Using cotton earplugs to keep the ears warm can lead to inflammation and additional issues.

This material is for informational purposes and cannot replace a doctor’s consultation. Before undergoing treatment, be sure to consult with a doctor.

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